IP Innovative Resources

As an innovative publication platform, IP (Innovative Publication) aims to provide comprehensive resources and support for authors, reviewers, and editors. We understand the importance of fostering a collaborative and efficient publishing process while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Here are some of the key resources we offer:

IP Innovative Resources for Author, Reviewers and Editors

IP Innovative Resources for Authors, Reviewers, and Editors refers to the intellectual property (IP) related tools, guidelines, and support provided to individuals involved in the academic publishing process. These resources are designed to ensure that the rights, contributions, and responsibilities of authors, reviewers, and editors are protected and upheld throughout the publishing journey. The term "innovative resources" indicates that these tools may incorporate modern technologies and practices to streamline the publishing process and enhance its efficiency.

  • Authors Training & Support

  • IP Innovative Training & Support is back with Authors Training & Support to improve the quality of published content. We welcome all researchers to a transformative journey of creativity and self-discovery. In this training, we’ll unlock the facts about research publications and authors ethical guidelines.

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